Escape game Sherlock Holmes

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Enterprise House

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Sherlock Holmes’ most nefarious foe, Professor James Moriarty has been released from prison after several ‘accidents’ with the jury and evidence. Immediately after, Sherlock locked himself into his office for 3 days. All anyone could hear was muttering, the scratching of knife against wood and the odd bit of gunfire. Now all has gone silent as Sherlock has vanished.

He’s left a note for his companion, Dr. John Watson, saying he believes he knows what Moriarty is up to and he’s gone to try and stop him, but he needs John’s help. Moriarty’s spies are following them both, and Sherlock acted quickly to avoid detection but has left instructions and a series of puzzles for John to solve. John is struggling and has called Lestrade with the time pressure weighing down on him.

Lestrade has sent your team to aid John find where he needs to go. Can you help the doctor find the detective?

The game is afoot!

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