Escape game Pharaoh's Tomb

Company: 5 Quests


Unit 7, Histon House, Bray Rd, Cornelscourt, Dublin 18, D18 PY76 ()

+353 1 2070485

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For centuries explorers, adventurers and archaeologists have obsessed over the tombs of the ancient Egyptians. Step into the long lost tomb of this unknown (for now..) Pharaoh. Can you discover his name and escape the curse? You and your friends must follow the footsteps of the missing archeologist who left his findings behind many years ago. The team must decode heiroglyphs, study his paperwork, put hidden clues together while trying to solve some interesting puzzles. Attention to detail and working as a team is important here. Be careful, it’s said that ghosts of the Pharaohs still haunt the tomb. Can you defeat the ancient curse?

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