Escape game Witch House

Company: The Clockwork Door


51 Wellington Quay Temple Bar Dublin 2 D02 NH04 ()

+353 1 538 0998

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… it’s a beautiful summer’s day and you are enjoying a walk in a forest. Suddenly you see a lovely house and some lovely berries beside it. They look delicious, but as you try them you hear a cackling laughter in your ears:

“Hi hi hi, You have fallen into my trap! This part of the Forest belongs to me, and these berries are going to turn you into juicy frogs! But go on, play a game with me. You have one hour before the spell is irreversible – do you think you are smarter than me?”

As you look at each other you know it’s no joke. There’s no point running away – your only chance is inside the Witch House…

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