Escape game Wizard's Castle

Company: 5 Quests


Unit 7, Histon House, Bray Rd, Cornelscourt, Dublin 18, D18 PY76 ()

+353 1 2070485

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Your group of muggles have sneaked your way into a School of Wizardry, a place you have no right being in. The guards have been alerted and are coming to get you. A young wizard named Harry has informed you that within the study of the terrifying dark arts teacher there is a teleporting Port Key disguised as a glowing orb that will transport you out of the School Grounds. The teacher has just left for an hour to assist the guards to find your group. His study is charmed so once you go in, you can’t come out. You must get access to the orb at the centre of the room to escape. Good luck, be fast, and act smart.

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