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36 Mary St Cork T12 H6NH ()

+ 353 89 237 4489

Enterprise House

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Your team of FBI agents had a recent case was taken off you by a private branch of the government and told to drop it. Which you promptly, did not do.

Over a number of weeks, you realise this organisation has being taking missing person and generally strange cases from the FBI, NSA, CIA and every other domestic and foreign national organisation. One night you come home to an envelope from Contact which leads you to a black book site owned by the organisation. It is said to hold definitive evidence of extra-terrestrial life. Without high-level clearance you have set off the alarm and the facility is now in lockdown. You’ll have 30 seconds before you lose the lights and 60 minutes before the site is set to purge itself.

Can you uncover the truth and escape from the clutches of the organisation?

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