Escape game The Old Mine

Company: We Escape


36 Mary St Cork T12 H6NH ()

+ 353 89 237 4489

Enterprise House

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In 1899, Joe Skelly went down into the mine one Sunday to do his job as a maintenance worker. Unfortunately, a cave in left him trapped for 3 weeks over which time he slowly drove him mad. Now in 2019, you are a team of archaeologists exploring the mine to try and discover why the mine collapsed.

Shortly after finding Joe however, the mine collapsed again, trapping your team. The pressure is on, the rubble is unsteady and if you can't find a way out within an hour, it will shift again leaving you trapped. Joe did come down with supplies but in his madness he's locked most away in, unconventional ways.

Can you escape before you’re trapped forever? At least you’ll have Joe for company if not.

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