Escape game Black Pyramid

Company: We Escape


36 Mary St Cork T12 H6NH ()

+ 353 89 237 4489

Enterprise House

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You are a team of archaeologists , exploring a newly uncovered site believed to be the cursed tomb of an ancient Egyptian God. You have found evidence it is the god of chaos and darkness, Seth, and of a great battle between Seth and his nephew, Horus. It is depicted that Seth attempted to summon the sun eater, Apophis to kill Horus and bring darkness and an army of demons to the world.

You also find evidence that someone else was here before and you've followed their trail to the burial chamber. Inside you set off a trap and you are sealed into the tomb air tight. You've only 60 minutes of oxygen and nobody can hear you. The trap was meant to stop the god from escaping, and now he offers to help you live in exchange for his freedom.

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